Feedback Mystery Shopping offer a wide range of customised mystery shopping programs & bespoke reporting that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budgets of any client.

These services include:

Mystery Shopping Face to Face Visits

On site visits evaluate and report on services received from a customer’s point of view. Feedback Mystery Shopping use individuals trained to experience and measure any customer service process by acting as a potential customers/actual customers reporting back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way.

The objective of mystery shopping visits should be to provide management information on processes and/or quality of service in order to improve service and increase customer satisfaction.

The service received determines whether a customer is satisfied or if they will ever purchase from you again. Feedback Mystery Shopping work closely with the client to develop practical evaluations keeping the assignment appropriate to ensure that experiences are correctly reported.

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Video Recorded Mystery Shopping Visits

Feedback Mystery Shopping are using the latest and most powerful way of experiencing the reality of service being delivered to your customers. By using state of the art hidden video recording equipment we allow you to capture the complete complete customer experience.

Video mystery shopping visits are accompanied by extensive individual and summary reports.

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Telephone Based Mystery Shopping

Phone Shops can be used to evaluate a number of different dimensions of the telephone transaction. All of these elements can be evaluated through the use of quick, low-cost telephone mystery shops.

Speed of answering telephone calls
How long before speaking to appropriate person
The friendliness and courtesy of the customer service staff
The ability of customer service to answer any queries
Resolving queries quickly and accurately

Telephone Mystery shopping techniques provide direct marketing businesses with the facility to test in-house systems and/or monitor out-sourced fulfilment services and contracts.

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Internet Based Mystery Shopping

In some industries, customer contact originates via the Internet. The speed and quality of the response over the Internet is just as important as an interaction in person or over the telephone.

Feedback Mystery Shopping will report on the overall ease of using the website, ease of purchasing and the range of products available and evaluate the response time to inquiries or orders.

Ad hoc one-off tests can be put together to meet individual client needs in monitoring company performance on critical customer service criteria. Repeat studies can follow over time.

Continuous studies can be set up for clients with membership, subscription or continuity series operations to monitor the relationship with the consumer over customer life – from new customer acquisition meeting initial expectations to fulfilment performance for current customers meeting their needs and wants. These exercises provide added value to standard customer satisfaction survey monitoring and CRM programmes.

Mystery shopping techniques provide direct marketing businesses with the facility to test in-house systems.

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